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Puerto Rico and why their crisis matters to us

It's been 3 weeks since a devastating hurricane hit Puerto Rico, and yet too many of the 3.5 million Americans that live there still don't have power.

They don't have enough food. They don't have enough clean water. They don't have gas to run generators.

What is Donald Trump doing in response? Trump has been golfing more times than he has visited the islands, and he's spent more time disparaging the mayor of San Juan than actually helping Puerto Ricans.

And Congressman Lee Zeldin? He said the friendship between the U.S. and Puerto Rico is a "slow and ripening fruit" when the people there have been citizens since 1917, and he is refusing to stand up to Trump and demand that the American people deserve better.

When Hurricane Sandy hit our region, we came together to provide for those who lost everything. As chair of my synagogue's Social Action Committee, I helped organize relief efforts for neighbors who needed water, food, and more.

Why? Because it was the right thing to do, as one human being who cares about others.

Like you, I'm tired of being outraged. We are all exhausted by this administration and the people who refuse to stand up to it.

But be outraged about Puerto Rico and the millions of Americans there who do not yet have clean water.

And then use that outrage to demand better — if Congressman Zeldin won't stand up in the most basic and human ways, then we need new representation in Congress.

We deserve better. New York deserves better. America deserves better.


Posted on October 11, 2017.
“It's time Long Island had a strong voice to fight for high-paying jobs, affordable health care, high-quality education and clean air and water.”Perry GershonCandidate for Congress, NY-1