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Lee Zeldin and Steve Bannon are a National Embarrassment

NEW YORK CITY - Today, Perry Gershon, Democratic Candidate for New York's 1st Congressional District, responded to Lee Zeldin's gross association with Trump strategist Steve Bannon.

Earlier this month, Steve Bannon became a last minute surrogate for pedophile Roy Moore, the failed GOP candidate for Senate in Alabama. Now, Steve Bannon is in New York, raising money for Lee Zeldin.

Even Republican Rep. Peter King has denounced Steve Bannon.

Perry Gershon released the following statement:

“Steve Bannon and Lee Zeldin are cut from the same cloth, dangerous fear mongers that don't represent our shared values as Americans. Bannon's priorities this month were electing a pedophile to the Senate in Alabama and raising money for Lee Zeldin in New York. Instead of standing together, Lee Zeldin should have denounced his hateful words, disinvited him from Long Island, and disassociated himself from Bannon once, and for all. It’s why we need change now, more than ever. And why we need a strong, progressive voice to stand against the hate and defeat Zeldin.”

Posted on December 14, 2017 in Press Releases.

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