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$30 million to stop us from winning in November?

We just learned of a big development: Las Vegas mogul and Republican financier Sheldon Adelson has chipped in a fresh $30 million to stop Democrats from taking back the House.

Obviously he sees our credible challenge to Congressman Lee Zeldin and other hotly-contested races across the country. Top Republicans are in full-on panic mode and are looking at plutocrats like Adelson to bail them out.

Not. On. Our. Watch.

Donate right now and let's show Republicans that their one-time golden parachutes are no match for our ongoing grassroots energy.


Posted on May 10, 2018.
“It's time Long Island had a strong voice to fight for high-paying jobs, affordable health care, high-quality education and clean air and water.”Perry GershonCandidate for Congress, NY-1