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Did you see what happened in Ohio?

The blue wave that's sweeping across America keeps getting bigger and bigger.

Last night, in Ohio's 12th Congressional District, Democrat Danny O'Connor fought his Republican opponent to a standstill. The race is still too close to call.

This isn't some swing seat. Democrats were expected to lose here. Both Mitt Romney and Donald Trump won this district by double digits.

To get a bit wonky, political watchers rate this district R+12, which means Republicans hold a 12 percent registration edge over Democrats in the district. Our district here on Long Island? It's rated R+5.

Lee Zeldin and Republicans in Congress seeing these results have only one thought: uh-oh.

Our grassroots momentum is growing by the day. Pitch in and let's keep the heat on Lee Zeldin.

In Congress, Perry Gershon will be a champion for health care for all Americans, taking on the NRA, and protecting Planned Parenthood and a woman's right to choose.

Let's ride the blue wave together and win in November. Donate today.

Karl Bach, Campaign Manager
Perry Gershon for Congress

Posted on August 8, 2018.

I'm a businessman, not a career politician, so I look at things differently.
Government cannot fix our problems, but I believe we can work together to provide opportunity and create an economy that works for all of us.

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