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Kavanaugh Statement

Our nation has been defined over the past year by the reckoning of our collective history of ignoring and propagating sexual violence and harassment towards women. We are now at the apex moment- How we treat serious and credible accusations against Judge Kavanaugh may have consequences that reverberate through our legal system for generations to come.

President Trump's despicable behavior towards women has come to fruition in his policies that affect women, including a woman's right to equal compensation for equal work, her right to choose what she does with her own body, and her access to healthcare—reproductive and otherwise. Now, Trump has been empowered to give a lifetime appointment to highest court in our country to a man who also may have committed a sexual assault while in high school.

The time has come to listen to and believe women. To curtail an investigation into Judge Kavanaugh because of shameless partisanship, ignoring credible accusations brought forward by a victim who knew of the backlash and threats she would face, would show that our country has learned too little from a year of #MeToo. President Trump's tweets today pushing back on this courageous victim are out of line. Regardless of whether the victim filed charges 36 years ago or is bringing this to light for the first time this week, we have to take this accusation as seriously as we do any other report of a serious crime. Time's up.

Posted on September 21, 2018.

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