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Lee Zeldin and I actually agree on this:

The other day, a friend gave me a call and told me to turn on Fox News. Turns out Lee Zeldin was giving an interview on Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court nomination.

Lee and I don't agree on all that much. But, this time, he actually said something that rang true: He said people are fired up over Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court nomination. He's not wrong.

He just doesn't understand why people are fired up:

Washington D.C. Republicans laugh off credible allegations of sexual assault.

They shame victims and try to force them back into the shadows.

Investigations into Kavanaugh's actions are ordered by the White House to be severely limited, ignoring dozens of witnesses, amounting to a cover up.

In all the lies I've seen Brett Kavanaugh tell over the last weeks, about his past, about his actions, I have no doubt that he is unfit to serve on our nation's highest court.

I believe the survivors' accusations against Kavanaugh, and I urge the Senate to reject his nomination.

This is about who we are as Americans and human beings.

I raised my boys, Logan and Marshall, to respect people. To be gracious when they are right and humble when they are wrong. To be open and truthful with others.

The example set by Donald Trump and Brett Kavanaugh is the opposite of that. That lies are rewarded. That victims don't matter as long as you can get more power.

So you'll understand why I think people are fired up, Lee.

We are better than this.


Posted on October 6, 2018.

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