Boom! A major endorsement for Perry: | Perry Gershon for Congress
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Boom! A major endorsement for Perry:

Huge news: The New York Times has "enthusiastically" endorsed Perry's run for Congress!

Donate today. Let's build on our momentum and defeat Lee Zeldin.

Here's the full text:

Like most campaigns this fall, this one has focused on what Congress can do, not what the White House has done. Perry Gershon, the Democrat, supports Medicare for All and has backed the Affordable Care Act, which the Republican incumbent, Representative Lee Zeldin, voted to gut. Mr. Gershon, who wants to discuss sensible restrictions on immigration, has backed protection for DREAMers without other stipulations, unlike Mr. Zeldin. Mr. Zeldin supports withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement, which could have dire consequences for district with miles of coastline.

But the president has had a cameo part in the race. Mr. Gershon has provocatively said he was inspired to run by seeing parallels between Hitler’s rise and Mr. Trump’s rise while visiting the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington. Mr. Zeldin, who has enthusiastically backed Mr. Trump, kicked off his re-election campaign at an event with Sebastian Gorka, a far-right former Trump aide who has worn a pin from a Hungarian group founded by Nazis. That group has claimed Mr. Gorka as a member, although he denies it. Mr. Zeldin has also had a fundraiser with Steve Bannon, another former Trump aide, who has been connected with some of the most extreme right-wing groups in Europe and the United States.  

For his legislative good sense and opposition to Trumpian excess, Mr. Gershon is worthy of voters’ support.

It's Perry against Lee for all the marbles. One of them will be going to Congress. Let's go to the tale of the tape, friends:

The race is a dead heat. Your last-minute grassroots support could mean the difference between a close win and a heartbreaking loss.

Donate today.

Karl Bach, Campaign Manager
Perry Gershon for Congress

Posted on October 21, 2018.

I'm a businessman, not a career politician, so I look at things differently.
Government cannot fix our problems, but I believe we can work together to provide opportunity and create an economy that works for all of us.

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