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This kind of grassroots enthusiasm must endure.

As the year draws to a close, I'm thankful that all of our hard work in 2018 made a huge difference.

While we came up short in our campaign against Lee Zeldin, our loss was narrow – only about 4 percent. This shows that, if we keep working, 2020 could be our year to finally send Lee packing.

Most significantly, the Democrats took back control of the House and this victory is already so significant:

Democrats must work together and focus on positive changes we can make. Our party has the power to pass laws to make lives better across America, and we must use it.

We cannot ignore rules that Trump and associates may have broken—to do so would be a license for others to repeat them or do even worse. But when voters go to the polls in 2020, it should be a referendum on the policy achievements of the Democratic House, an affirmation that our vision for America is bold, brave, and better.

I am honored to have been your nominee in Suffolk County as we took the fight to Lee Zeldin. Democrats came out, volunteering and voting at a level seldom seen in midterm elections. Your hard work and positive energy was felt throughout the district.

This kind of grassroots enthusiasm must endure. It's going to be the basis of so much more, in 2020 and beyond.

I look forward to writing to you more about what this means in the coming weeks and months.


Posted on December 18, 2018.

I'm a businessman, not a career politician, so I look at things differently.
Government cannot fix our problems, but I believe we can work together to provide opportunity and create an economy that works for all of us.

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