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It's Personal: Trump, Zeldin, and Anti-Semitism

This week, after Donald Trump's anti-Semitic attack questioning the loyalty of American Jews, Lee Zeldin did the unbelievable: he defended him.

Zeldin went against the vast majority of the American Jewish communities and leaders from both parties. He played 'both sides,' trying to spin the attention away from the president's remarks. He refused to rebuke them.

But we're not going to fall for it.

We have a president who defaults to anti-Semitism to win votes and a congressman in NY-01 who would rather defend him than stand up for Jews under attack by white supremacy and white nationalism.

Trump and Zeldin's comments are deeply personal for me and my family. We're communally active Jews and committed supporters of Israel – I've been there nine times. And we also love America, and it is our home.

For centuries Jews have been told we don't belong, but we do.

When Trump suggests otherwise – and when extremists like Lee Zeldin support him – they traffic in the worst anti-Semitism imaginable, hate that forced my and Lisa's families from Europe. We will not let the same happen to our children.

I'll leave you with these truths:

Stand up, speak out, and check-in on your Jewish family and loved ones. This is a scary time, but together, we're going to stand strong.


Posted on August 23, 2019.

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