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The importance of integrity in our leadership

Integrity. Integrity. Integrity.

Repeat it. Burn it into your mind. And vote for leaders who have it.

Because, if our current pandemic crisis is showing anything, it’s the importance of the integrity and character of our leaders.

I'm talking about U.S. Senators cashing out of the stock market based on classified briefings while giving the public "all is well" happy talk. And this applies to Republicans and Democrats who may have abused their public trust - its reprehensible.

I’m talking about far-right members of Congress downplaying the seriousness of the coronavirus, only to do an about-face when it spreads out of control. Think about the image of Congressman Matt Gaetz from Florida wearing a gas mask on the House floor to demonstrate how little he thought the seriousness of the coronavirus crisis was at the time and how ridiculous he and his little stunt look now.

Then there is Donald Trump’s failure of leadership and failure to take action. Not only the slowness of his administration getting the necessary number of tests to states, but the lack of an urgent need to coordinate our state responses and obtain critical hospital supplies and equipment. All while the President seemingly communicates that all is OK.

Today we must work together and focus on getting through this crisis, but there will come a time to look back on how our leaders performed – and that is when whether they showed the integrity and character their positions demand will be judged.


Posted on March 20, 2020.

For 25 years, I have been a common-sense businessman — not a career politician — so I look at things differently. I know about fixing dysfunction. It starts with hard work, a commitment to results, and perseverance — not scoring cheap political points. We can work together to provide opportunity and create an economy that works for all of us.

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