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Why won't Zeldin stand up for New York?

We're in a crisis. New York is suffering. 27,000 New Yorkers have died. People are unemployed. Businesses are shutting their doors.

And we have a Representative in Washington, Lee Zeldin, who isn't fighting for us. He's playing politics. He's parroting Donald Trump's nonsense.

Later today, the House will vote on a $3 trillion package that would:

This is an easy one! Vote yes. But not Lee Zeldin. He's voting no. Donate $15 right now and let's make sure this is his last year in Congress.

This isn't a partisan issue. Here's what Zeldin's fellow Republican, Congressman Peter King had to say:

"New York is going to die, my county, Nassau County, [and] Suffolk County is also in my district; not only are they running up tremendous costs, their revenue losses are unbelievable. ...

"This is a natural disaster, and the money has to come in. ... Many people are concerned about....what party leadership is going to say, but the reality is, you're elected to Congress [to] represent your district: New York ... It's gotten screwed for so many years, whenever I get a chance to even the score, [I] do it."

This is a no-brainer.

This package is good for Suffolk County. It's good for Long Island. It's good for New York. And it's good for all of America.

If Lee Zeldin can't see that, then Lee Zeldin shouldn't be in Congress.

When I take his seat, I'll fight every day to do the right thing. Count on it.

Your donation of $15 right now will help us get it done.


Posted on May 15, 2020.

For 25 years, I have been a common-sense businessman — not a career politician — so I look at things differently. I know about fixing dysfunction. It starts with hard work, a commitment to results, and perseverance — not scoring cheap political points. We can work together to provide opportunity and create an economy that works for all of us.

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