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About Perry Gershon

Perry Gershon knows the difference between a career politician and a public servant. Perry worked as a volunteer on the Presidential campaigns of Ted Kennedy and Gary Hart in the 1980s before going on to a successful career in business.

Perry is fed up with Republicans like Congressman Lee Zeldin and Donald Trump, including their effort to take away health care for millions of Americans, squeezing the middle class to fund budget-busting tax giveaways for the ultra-wealthy and big corporations, and siding with the NRA instead of working to end gun violence in America. It’s unacceptable.

Perry is running for Congress because it’s time for badly-needed change in America. He will stand up to Donald Trump and anyone who tries to divide Americans by sowing discord, encouraging hate, and fomenting violence. Perry will fight for high-paying jobs, gun violence prevention, affordable healthcare, high-quality education, clean air and water, Social Security and Medicare, enhanced veterans’ benefits, an end to our nation's never-ending wars, and reforming our democracy to stop the corruption.

Perry giving Rookie of the Year Award to Mark Jackson of the NY Knicks in 1988

After graduating from Yale in 1984, Perry founded one of New York’s first sports bars for fellow Mets, Jets, Knicks, and Islanders fans (and occasional Yankees, Giants, and Rangers fans) and followed with a 25-year career as a lender in commercial real estate. In his private life, Perry and his family have worked consistently for social justice through their synagogue and community and it would have been enough -- until Donald Trump.

Perry had first-hand knowledge of Trump going back to his start in lending after getting his MBA from Berkeley in 1993. Even then Trump topped the list of untouchable clients he was given by his firm, due to his penchant for reneging on his debt, for suing everyone, and stiffing contractors. But Perry was most struck, on a museum visit in Washington DC, by the similarities between the rise of authoritarian rule in 1930s and Trump and his style of leadership. The demeaning of the press, the denial of facts and science, the scapegoating of immigrants and minority Americans all stood out as warning signs. Perry thought that these things could not happen in post-World War II America, that the slow march to greater economic, racial, gender, and social equality was inevitable. But Trump in the White House was a defining moment in his life. Now Perry knows that decency is not inevitable unless all of us are willing to fight for it, each in our own way.

It is a patriotic duty, Perry's patriotic duty, to fight back against Trump’s extremism. Congressman Lee Zeldin is Trump’s staunchest cheerleader in Congress and one of his biggest enablers. Those who are committed to tolerance, decency, progress, science, and democracy must step forward to challenge him, because we are not safe with Trump in office.

Perry’s principles are clear: We depend on our environment for life itself. He won’t let Trump and Zeldin degrade it. You stop a bad guy by taking the assault rifle out of his hands, not by flooding schools with more guns. Control over a woman’s body belongs to her, not to the government. Decent employment, good healthcare, education for our children, and a secure retirement are the rights of every American, not the privilege of a wealthy few.

Dr. Anne Gershon

Perry's tireless work ethic and altruism comes from the influence of his family. Both of his parents have devoted their careers to medical research and teaching. Perry's mom, Anne Gershon, was the lead researcher in the development of the chicken pox vaccine. Not only has the vaccine improved the health and quality of life for millions of Americans worldwide, but his mom has shown the power of women in science. She was just one of five women in her medical school and at the time, largely dismissed as not likely to make a major impact. Instead she became one of the most respected people in her field.

Perry's dad, Michael, wrote the classic medical text, The Second Brain, which taught doctors and researchers how the GI tract has its own 'brain', and does not need input from our real brain or spinal cord.

Willard Bill Angen, WWII

Perry's paternal grandparents were immigrants to America who came to this country with very little and built a successful life for themselves through education and hard work. Perry's maternal grandfather was a U.S. Army Colonel and physician who fought in WWII and participated in the liberation of Dachau, caring for its victims and saving lives.

Perry put down roots in Suffolk County more than two decades ago. He and his wife Lisa, a working mom, live on the South Fork. Their sons, Logan and Marshall, are now in college. Perry is an avid marathon runner -- 21 marathons and counting -- who uses his passion for the sport to raise money for charitable causes. Perry also was head of his synagogue’s social action committee, where he championed for New York’s SAFE laws in the aftermath of Sandy Hook and oversaw relief efforts after superstorm Sandy.

For 25 years, I have been a common-sense businessman — not a career politician — so I look at things differently. I know about fixing dysfunction. It starts with hard work, a commitment to results, and perseverance — not scoring cheap political points. We can work together to provide opportunity and create an economy that works for all of us.

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