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Jobs & the Economy

Suffolk County needs new employers. Until 1994, Grumman - a major aerospace engineering company - was Long Island’s largest private employer, providing many high-quality, high-paying jobs to the people of Suffolk County. When Grumman was bought and relocated, so too were the high-paying, high-quality jobs Long Islanders depended on.

I’m proud that our district is home to strong employers, like Stony Brook and Brookhaven National Labs, where some of the nation’s top research happens. But we fail to develop industry around the inventions we create.

Today, the lack of industry, scarcity of high-quality jobs, and high cost of real estate force too many of our young people and families to move out of the county. Suffolk County must be a place people move to for its high quality of life, not away from.

In Congress, my number one priority will be working to create high-quality jobs right here in Suffolk County. For too long, wages have remained relatively stagnant while the cost of living keeps going up. We must work hard to reverse this trend.

As an entrepreneur and businessman with 30 years of experience building and growing businesses – from sports bars to real estate finance firms - I know that neither government nor private industry will solve these problems alone. We must forge private-public partnerships to redevelop our economy.

I plan to encourage local employers and technical high schools and community colleges to work together to create training programs that teach students the skills they need to get good paying jobs. We need to increase our support for technical schools and continuing education programs as an alternative to traditional college. And financial cost should not be a barrier to entry in our public colleges. In addition, I’ll work to address the problems of automation by fortifying our education system so our students are prepared for the 21st century economy and expanding retraining programs so that those already in the workforce have the skills employers need.

We need to bring new business to Suffolk County and we need to grow businesses from the inventions that come out of Stony Brook University and other local research centers. To do this, I will fight to decrease the tax burden on small businesses, provide tax incentives to attract new businesses, fund infrastructure upgrades, and support affordable housing options. All of this is necessary to create a favorable climate for these new businesses to operate and to create good jobs for Long Island families.

I'm a businessman, not a career politician, so I look at things differently.
Government cannot fix our problems, but I believe we can work together to provide opportunity and create an economy that works for all of us.

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