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The Primary Election is June 26, 2018. Click here to look up your polling place.

Health Care

We need universal healthcare that is both accessible and affordable to everyone. The best way to do this is under a Medicare for All system, such as HR 676, currently pending in the House. I would be a co-sponsor of this or a similar bill. Until we get such a system passed, we must also protect the gains made under the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Access to health care is a basic right, but it is under attack by Donald Trump and Republicans like Lee Zeldin. Zeldin voted for a plan that would impose an effective age tax, unfairly discriminating against older Americans by charging them five times more than younger Americans. And the GOP repeal of the mandate endangers the successes achieved to date under the ACA.

Repealing the ACA won’t help Americans, it won’t save lives, and it won’t make health care any cheaper. The ACA is imperfect, but we need to build on its strengths and address its weaknesses – not strip health insurance from millions. The only way to fix our country’s health care problems is by working across the aisle.

In Congress, I will fight to stabilize insurance exchanges through bipartisan reforms so that we’re able to increase the number of people with health insurance and lower premiums for all Americans. And I will fight to establish a Medicare for All or similar system as soon as practically achievable. In the short-term, I’ll prioritize maintaining the subsidies to stabilize the system and keep healthy people enrolled. And a public option is the only real, long-term fix for the ACA to make sure that Americans have affordable, universal health care at the lowest possible total cost to the country.

“It's time Long Island had a strong voice to fight for high-paying jobs, affordable health care, high-quality education and clean air and water.”Perry GershonCandidate for Congress, NY-1