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The Primary Election is June 26, 2018. Click here to look up your polling place.

Latest News & Updates

June 20, 2018Where is our dignity? Where is our pride?
June 19, 2018It's go time!
June 17, 2018Our dad, Perry Gershon
June 15, 2018Un-American, plain and simple.
June 13, 2018defender of murderous regimes
June 12, 2018My promise, two years on:
June 9, 2018Perry's growing grassroots campaign
June 6, 2018Democrats eye ballot spot against Rep. Lee Zeldin
June 6, 2018Perry Gershon gets my reality
June 5, 2018Not on Long Island
June 1, 2018Dems Ready for a Fight, but Not With Each Other
May 31, 2018Progressive groups looking toward LI congressional primaries
May 31, 2018Honesty. Integrity. Perry.
May 30, 2018Needless and cruel
May 28, 2018Today we remember their sacrifice
May 25, 2018One month to go. It's time to do this.
May 25, 2018Concealed Carry Reciprocity - Letter to the Editor
May 24, 2018A Breath of Fresh Air - Letter to the Editor
May 23, 2018American workers under attack:
May 22, 2018Get Your Gershon for Congress Yard Signs Here!
May 19, 2018Less talk. More action.
May 18, 2018Gershon seeks Democratic nod to take on Zeldin
May 17, 2018History books
May 17, 2018Building a Better Suffolk Through Infrastructure Investment
May 16, 2018Reckless foreign policy. Pain at the pump.
May 15, 2018Bold. Progressive. Ideas. [TV ad]
May 13, 2018Mothers
May 11, 2018Complicit
May 10, 2018$30 million to stop us from winning in November?
May 8, 2018Donald Trump just made us less safe
May 5, 2018They're at war with Long Island families
May 2, 2018Zeldin invites Trump to Long Island
April 30, 2018I've had enough. It's time to fight.
April 25, 2018Why I'm with Perry Gershon
April 24, 2018Fed up? Let's do something about it
April 22, 2018Hitting the streets. Saving our planet.
April 20, 2018[New TV Ad] I'm fed up
April 19, 2018America used to lead
April 19, 2018Stand Up For Teachers Fighting Back
April 18, 2018Jewish men are running for Congress, too
April 17, 2018He's dad
April 17, 2018Five Democrats Will Face Off In June to Challenge Zeldin
April 16, 2018Marchers: “You Know Something is Very Wrong When People Have to March For Science”
April 16, 2018[Longform] Trade, Trump, and Zeldin
April 12, 2018Zeldin The Extremist
April 12, 2018Who I am
April 11, 2018Paul Ryan's out. I'm in.
April 10, 2018It's official. I'm in.
April 8, 2018Twitter lessons from Donald Trump?
April 4, 2018Let's get out there
Nov. 21, 2017Taking Back the Narrative - Medium
Oct. 4, 2017Las Vegas Can't Become the Status Quo - Daily Kos
Sept. 14, 2017Perry Gershon sets sights on Lee Zeldin’s congressional seat - Newsday
Aug. 16, 2017Zeldin Under Fire For Defending Trump On Charlottesville - The Forward
Aug. 1, 2017East Hampton Man Enters Bid To Unseat Zeldin - Southampton Press
July 29, 2017Conservatives and Health Care - The New York Times
July 27, 2017Zeldin Gets Early Challenger - East Hampton Star
July 25, 2017Dem candidate raises $100,000 in first week to run against Zeldin - Riverhead News Review
July 16, 2017Gershon weighs run for 1st Congressional District seat - Newsday
“It's time Long Island had a strong voice to fight for high-paying jobs, affordable health care, high-quality education and clean air and water.”Perry GershonCandidate for Congress, NY-1